About Anila's


Anila’s Dressmaker offers handmade Women’s apparel for any occasion! We are located on 6502 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19128 (Unit 1)!

Anila’s talent along with her appreciation for fashion have led her to create pieces of clothing so different from the regular offerings from retail stores. She uses types of fabrics that adhere to many different body types, making her clothing a very comfortable but beautiful fit whether it is a bridesmaid dress, or a simple sundress. Customers often come to find that most of their purchases remain wrinkle free due to the specific type of fabric that is used.

Customers are also encouraged to come in with their own ideas, an image/sketch, of what they want made custom just for them for whatever type of occasion. Customers have the option to bring their own fabric or have the owner find one exactly/similar to their vision. This is also an option if a customer sees a dress they like on the website but not in their size, they can simply order to have it made custom made just for them.

Please visit www.anilasdressmaker.com and browse through the handmade collections, all made by Anila! There are biweekly sales on most merchandise as well as giveaways! 

Email anilasdressmaker@gmail.com or text 267-231-6594 with any questions or to leave an appointment.  

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